Here are some basic steps that should help you care for, and get the best out of your new Roche.Recycle.Relove product.

  • Polish your R.R.R rubber product with a lint free cloth or something similar using liquid silicone spray.
    This will condition the rubber and keep it looking shiny.

  • For a speedy, high gloss finish this is the best and only product I would recommend. (Dash-car spray)

  • If the rubber gets dirty, or needs to be cleaned, simply use luke warm, soapy water to wipe down or handwash.
    Avoid using detergents or abrasive cleaning fluids/powders, a little household washing up liquid or soap will be fine.
    Rinse repeatedly until all soap is gone, then wait to dry.

  • Do not try to speed up drying process with heater or a hair-dryer or any similar heating appliance, this will damage your rubber product.

  • When completely dry, thoroughly spray the area with silicone spray, leave for 30min and then polish/rub in with cloth until no residue.

  • Do not put rubber item in direct sunlight

  • Keep rubber away from direct sunlight, heat, UV light, salt water and chlorine.
    Heat and strong light will make the rubber discoloured and dull, and can cause seems to weaken and rubber to disintegrate.

  • Regularly polishing with silicone spray keeps your product conditioned, supple and beautiful.

Properly caring for your rubber as above stated, will ensure your rubber product should maintain its shape,
quality and allure for years, if not forever!

Roche.Recyce.Relove cannot be responsible for damage to your rubber if these instructions are not followed.


At R.R.R the quality of my handcrafted products and the satisfaction of my customers are of up most importance to me.
Products can be returned up to 7days after purchase with receipt. For a refund or exchange less shipping and handling fees.
All returns must be sent back in original condition. No exchanges or refunds on sale items.

All R.R.R products will either be repaired or replaced if the product has a defect in the tube rubber.
(It is difficult to guess how long the rubber tubes have been on the road or on the tyre dump sites.)
This warranty does not cover any damage caused by normal wear and tear, misuse, abuse, or by not caring for your rubber,
as determined by R.R.R products.